Pizza Delivery Game at Lockdown

Pizza Delivery Lockdown is a simulation game about delivering pizza around town. During the Coronavirus, all cities are quarantined and at this time all city streets are free of cars and pedestrians. But still someone has to deliver pizza, because people are sitting at home and cannot go out into the city and go shopping on their own. Pizza delivery is a necessity in today’s world where people spend a lot of money to deliver good pizza right to their doorstep. While playing the game, you will play as a courier who must deliver pizza to different parts of the city. The customer places the order, and the courier must pick up the pizza from the pizzeria, carry it to his moped and put it in the box. Then he must go to the right place on the map to deliver the pizza directly to the client’s place of residence. Each pizza delivery is a separate mission,

How to play? Take this job in this game and deliver pizza to customers. Drive your motorcycle and follow the mini-map. Drive to the place of delivery of pizza and hand it into the hands of customers. You may or may not be following the rules at all. After all, there is very little traffic and no police in the city. Just do your job and earn money to buy all the other bikes. Good luck!