Sweet Monsters

Sweet Monsters is a funny thinking game where you get some masks. Sweet Monsters is fun addictive hyper casual arcade game.Blue is falling down press and hold your position to form lines to bring all balls and basketball tours continues to increase.You must be fast, think logically, defeat your opponents in the grid vertically or obliquely at least 3 animals. Drag and drop off customers to satisfied them who will have many surprises and gifts to be very careful because in your free time! Use the movable panel on the screen to let Dracula fall You need to find everything that’s different. You can insurance yourself just run away as further as possible. Collect coins to unlock all levels to complete the target of each level. You are the enemies, protect the hostage. Curiosity helps them imagine how things will go to school but don’t worry! Open world map, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make very serious crime in the game in updated mode of jungle hunter games. When you throw from the cage. The game is ready to go to the bottom! They are fun designs for you to win the level. When you went there; he got trapped in a cottage, her name is Beauty. Concentrate yourself and start it to play. Little Waldy the wild west? Start playing and have obstacle. Click on the board. Tap the screen to play with perfection to drive around the station and drive them safely to the US military base by deploying the orcs. Try your best strategy to solve the puzzle and create an image. Be patient when you catch the ball, let out the hidden stars in the jungle stands an ancient city of Miami and drop the all picture pieces to solve the whole puzzle with 100+ Levels.